Southern Twist Hibiscus & Mint Craft Cocktail Infusion

Southern Twist Hibiscus & Mint Craft Cocktail Infusion

  • Add a splash to Champagne, Mojitos, Moscow Mules, Margaritas, and much more! Use these to design your own original creations!

  • Delicious with vodka, rum, tequila, Champagne, or Soda water for delicious Mocktails!

  • Non-Alcoholic

  • All-Natural

  • Low-Calorie

  • Bottle is 375 ml, which contains 9-12 servings. Small bottle shown is our 100 ml mini bottle that is included in our Southern Twist Gift Set.

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This beautifully vibrant and delicious all-natural mix offers an endless array of options to cater to your ever-changing palate. Combine equal parts of the mix and vodka, gin, tequila, rum, or bourbon, it even tastes great with brandy and scotch! Or add one part mix to four parts sparkling wine or Champagne for a bubbly libation. Check out more Hibiscus & Mint recipes on our Recipe page!