Southern Twist Bison Grass Craft Cocktail Infusion

Southern Twist Bison Grass Craft Cocktail Infusion

  • Recipe contains a variety of herbs and spices to replicate the flavor of “Bison Grass”, a strain of sweetgrass grown in Poland. The result is a unique, aromatic and delicious flavor perfect for cocktails!

  • Add a splash to Manhattan’s, Old Fashioned’s, Hot Toddies, or any of your Bourbon or Whiskey cocktails, as well as many gin and vodka cocktails! Be sure to check out our Recipe Page for more ideas.

  • Perfect with Bourbon, Rye, Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, or Soda Water for a mocktail!

  • Non-Alcoholic

  • All-Natural

  • Low-Calorie

  • 375 ml bottle contains 9-12 servings (small bottle shown is 100 ml and is included in our Southern Twist Gift Set)

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An intricate combination of herbs and spices create this complex but deliciously balanced mix to replicate the flavor of Bison Grass- also known as sweetgrass. Flavors of cinnamon and vanilla combine with herbal and grassy notes to provide a complex yet versatile palate, pairing with almost any spirit or non-alcoholic option imaginable- vodka, gin, bourbon, rum, tequila, and a wide assortment of styles of beer. This mix is both intriguing and addicting- you will soon discover that Bison Grass is a must-have for your new favorite cocktails!