How to Make Lemon Drop Shots & Martinis (Plus Four Amazing & Unique Lemon Drop Recipes!)

“How do you make Lemon Drop Shots?”

“How do you Make Lemon Drop Martinis?”

As a professional bartender, these are questions I get all of the time! If you're wondering yourself, then look no further!

In today’s video for the Cocktail Academy, you will learn not only how to make a Lemon Drop shot, but also how to make a lemon drop martini.

I'll also share four of my absolute FAVORITE Lemon Drop variations!

*Strawberry Thyme Lemon Drop

*Watermelon Basil Lemon Drop

*Blueberry Mint Lemon Drop

*Grapefruit Rosé Lemon Drop

Whether you are a casual cocktail lover or aspiring bar pro, mastering the classic lemon drop recipe and lemon drop shot recipe is essential to having a well-rounded cocktail repertoire. Don’t (think you) like shots? I’ll show you four delicious lemon drop recipes with ingredients that will show you how to make shots taste better!

I’ll also show you how to use fresh ingredients to make delicious drinks that you and your friends will love. If you have a party coming up and need cool shot recipes to impress your friends, then this is the video for you! Not only will you know how to make a lemon drop, but you’ll know an incredibly versatile base recipe that can be used in countless variations.

The lemon drop shot is one of the most popular shots out there. Worried that a Lemon Drop drink is too basic? Think again! Your perception of the Lemon Drop cocktail will be changed after you try one of these refreshing beverages. Not to mention they look fabulous in pictures! If you’re skipping the cocktails and just looking for easy to shots to make, I have you covered.

And if you’re looking for a fabulous and unique lemon drop martini, you can find that here too! You may find it surprising the lemon drop shot ingredients in some of the variations, but you’ll realize how easy it is to master a cocktail and learn how to have fun with it and make it your own! Some videos may show you how to make vodka shots taste better with flavors that just mask the alcohol, but in this and future videos I’ll show how a recipe needs to maintain a balance so you can enjoy every component.

Be sure to let me know what you thought of the lemon drop shot recipe in the comments below, and let me know what kind of drinks you’d like to learn how to make!

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