How to Make a Mojito (Plus 4 Fresh & Easy Variations!)

Basil Mojito practically screams summer, but it truly is the perfect cocktail to enjoy year-round! Learning how to make a Mojito with basil will be essential so you can enjoy this cocktail in the final months of summer (and for the rest of the year). And a bonus- this Basil Mojito Recipe is gorgeous to boot!

In this video you will not only learn how to make a Basil Mojito, you will also learn how to make other Mojitos with a twist. In this video you will learn the following recipes

: *Classic Mojito

*Basil Mojito

*Blackberry Basil Mojito

*Raspberry Thyme Mojito

*Cucumber Jalapeno Mojito

The spicy Mojito recipe is one of my all-time favorites! A Jalapeno Mojito is popular for good reason- but In my books, not many things beat a fresh Basil cocktail. That's why I’ll show you how to make a basil Mojito cocktail, and also give it a fresh spin that makes it more delicious than ever!

So whether you’ve been curious about how to make a Mojito, how to make a Blackberry Mojito, or how to make a Spicy Mojito, I’ll show you all of this and more! Every cocktail lover should master the best Mojito recipe, YouTube is the perfect place to learn!

Once you learn the base recipes it’s easy to start coming up with your own creations. I hope you enjoy these recipes. (Hint- the Blackberry Mojito recipe and Raspberry Mojito are my favorites of the bunch!)

So whether you’re dropping by to learn more about cocktails with basil, or how to make a Mojito twist, I hope you enjoy and stay a while!

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