Our Integration of the "Farm-To-Shaker" concept

has allowed mixologists to

explore previously undiscovered marriages

of herbs, root vegetables, fruits,

and spices with an assortment of spirits.

There is nothing else like Southern Twist inside of a bottle.”

- Rochelle Jones



rochelle Jones, Founder of Southern Twist, discovered her passion for mixology during her first cocktail competition in Charleston, SC. Rochelle has since created many notable cocktail programs in the southeast and obtained multiple awards & recognitions.

Born in Charleston, South Carolina, the handcrafted line features innovative and all-natural flavors and ingredients, designed with versatility and ease of use in mind. They are non-alcoholic But intoxicating Nonetheless -and ready to help you create your new favorite low-calorie craft cocktails!

It’s time to add a Twist to the way you drink