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Craft cocktails without the calories!

Introducing Southern Twist low-calorie craft cocktail mixes. Born in Charleston, South Carolina, the handcrafted line features innovative and all-natural flavors and ingredients, designed with versatility and ease of use in mind. They are non-alcoholic and ready to help you create your new favorite low-calorie craft cocktails!

Craft cocktails have reached the mainstream. Sit down at nearly any upscale bar, and you will find cocktail list that has offerings ranging from homemade tonics, hand squeezed juices, and house infused liquors. Cocktail lovers are quickly learning the superiority of flavor in cocktails that are utilizing high quality and all-natural ingredients.

The culture of craft cocktails is full of diversity and innovation, as the integration of the farm-to-shaker concept has allowed mixologists across the country to explore previously undiscovered marriages of herbs, root vegetables, fruits and spices with an assortment of spirits.

Charleston, SC based mixologist Rochelle Jones discovered her passion for craft cocktails during her first cocktail contest sponsored by a major liquor brand. Her basil & lemongrass infused concoction received notable recognition, and Jones went on to help design cocktails and implement beverage programs at several highly recognized establishments across Charleston.

With her background in fitness and commercial modeling, Jones was well aware of the caloric content of both popular cocktails and craft cocktails, so she decided to make it her mission to create a line of low-calorie cocktail mixes that would enable any individual to replicate craft-style cocktails, without the calories, mess, or muddler.

Several months later, Southern Twist Cocktail Company, LLC, and its line of all-natural low-calorie cocktail mixes were born. All mixes are handcrafted to ensure quality and consistency.

Be sure to try out all three flavors- Lavender & Vanilla, Ginger & Jalapeno and Hibiscus & Mint. We will be releasing new flavors soon. All mixes are non-alcoholic and able to be paired with a variety of spirits. Have a flavor you would love to see?- Contact us!

It’s time to add a Twist to the way you drink. Click here  to learn more about the Southern Twist Low-Calorie Cocktail Mixes.