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Southern Twist low-calorie craft cocktail infusions!

Southern Twist low-calorie craft cocktail infusions are hand crafted using high quality, all-natural ingredients. The mixes are non-alcoholic and are sweetened with pure can sugar and erythritol, an all-natural zero calorie sugar substitute. A serving of the mix contains only 35 calories, in contrast to the 100+ calories in other popular mixes!

Southern Twist cocktail mixes are currently available in four flavors:Ginger & Jalapeno, Lavender & Vanilla, Hibiscus & Mint, and our newest arrival, Bison Grass. Each flavor is designed with quality, versatility and ease of use in mind, as they can be paired with a variety of spirits and sparkling wine. They also create delicious and unique mocktails by pairing with sparkling or seltzer water! They are packaged in beautiful 375 ml glass bottles, each of which provides approximately nine servings.

We will be adding more flavors to our line in the near future, be sure to drop us a note if you have a flavor you would like to see! In the meantime, we are sure you will love our line-up- whether you are a vodka, bourbon, gin, rum, or wine drinker, we have the flavor for you!

Check out our recipes page to see the many options you can try out with our mixes.

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